Mrs. Claus Ruin (Christmas Eggnog)

Eggnog: that delicious Yule Tide beverage made of milk, eggs and spices, popularised in so many Christmas television specials and movies where the family’s outcast uncle has a bit too much “Christmas Spirit”. Scenes where grandmas ladle themselves multiple lugs of lush and creamy mugs of warmed and whisky drenched cheer, only to later chase the neighbour’s kids while wearing a mistletoe hat.

Would it surprise you then that eggnog itself has earnt itself a place in American Military infamy?

Christmas of 1824 at West Point Military Academy a party thrown by cadets got, shall we say, a little out of hand. Cadets at this point in history that were set to become officers and lead men into battle were often much younger than one might see today. West Point was open to students from the ages of 10- 37 years of age, the majority being adolescent, meaning that the result of this party made Cory Worthington’s teenage soiree look like a Sunday garden get-together with tea and cucumber sandwiches.   

Liquor was banned from the barracks .or for general use of West Point Cadets with strict punishments and demerits for those caught under the influence or in possession of alcohol. With these restrictions in place, multiple gallons of rum and whisky were smuggled into the barracks by the cadets to be mixed with the festive eggnog. When the gathering in the dorms became rowdy the officer of the watch arrived to arrest the offending drunkards and during the arrest, one of the offending students became so insulted by the assault he insisted the others join him in revenge by breaking into the armoury and with swords and pistols avenge the injustice!

With windows broken and some minor injuries the revolt was later subdued, the drunken offenders shamed or given court-martials. 

So give a thought to Uncle Mic or Grandma Josephine and give them a pass when they down a glass or two of the Culinary Barbarian’s, Mrs. Claus’s Ruin, A.K.A. Christmas Riot Eggnog.

Christmas eggnog


30 ml good quality bourbon 

15 ml amoretto 

15ml hazelnut liqueur

90 ml store bought eggnog

Ground nutmeg to garnish

Serve in a Manhattan glass


  1. In a cocktail shaker, pour bourbon, amoretto, hazelnut liquor and eggnog. Top with ice and shake until the shaker is frosty.
  2. Pour into a Manhattan glass and sprinkle with nutmeg.
  3. Try your best to not drink 10 of them.