Food for Men – inspiring kitchen warriors

Food fit for a warrior, the Culinary Barbarian is about food for men, inspiring blokes to raid their refrigerators, loot their larders, plunder their pantries and get creative in the kitchen.

Cooking with Meat

From summer barbecue to a slow cooked pulled pork falling off your fork on a winter’s night, meat is the Culinary Barbarian’s top go to food for men. 

The Drinks Trolley

There’s nothing flowery and pretty about these cocktails. These are mens’ drinks. Liquor that packs a punch.

Date Night Food

Cozy nights at home are the new going out and if you’re trying to make a romantic impression the Culinary Barbarian has you covered.

Food with friends

Food with Friends

Your buddies are dropping by and it’s time for a few beers, some grub and a laugh. At the Culinary Barbarian it’s about fun food and plenty of it to go around.

Christmas Cheer

The big man himself clearly likes some hearty nosh – so why not join him? Christmas is time to step up your food game – we’ve got your back.

Family Meals

It’s you and the kids in the kitchen. It’s the weekday grind getting the food on the table asap. But even the pickiest family members will like these ideas.

Welcome to the Culinary Barbarian – Food for Men

Food is for men. Food is manly! When I say this, I’m not just talking about its consumption, like Vikings feasting on joints of mutton, swilling mead and squeezing a buxom wench… No, I’m talking about the careful hunting and gathering of ingredients, their butchering and processing, and their construction into towers of deliciousness fit for a village Chieftain!

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