Left Leaning Rocket and Almond Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Eggplant

pesto pasta

With the State election here in Queensland hanging in the balance and politicians vie for power, I found myself glued to the television. The experience is like watching grown men and women bicker like spoiled brats playing musical chairs; two kids fight for the final chair and the one on the blue party hat is refusing to concede,  even though he’s actually only squatting on the arm rest. The spill on effect this has had on a federal scale is also astounding to watch although not difficult to comprehend; with the number of gaffs our elected Prime Minister has had one would think that Price Phillip would give Him a Knighthood for being a chip off the old block. In fact, in a side by side comparison, they’re almost the spitting image, accept one looks surprisingly like the Emperor Palpatine with a family history of haemophilia, and the other makes decisions as well as Mad King George III. At least the Prince can blame his errors in judgement on old age and Inbreeding. 

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