Bourbon and Cola, Candied Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwiches

Conformity? It’s just another word for towing the line. Being just another sheep in the flock. Playing the proverbial game. I can understand the desire to fit in, the gods know; social recognition, friends, fame, fortune, but why do that? Is it not better to love what you love to hell with those that disapprove? Did Peter Rosendahl bow to peer pressure when the world told him that there was something missing in his life? Heck no, he trained tirelessly in and day out until he became the world record holding 100m unicycle champion. Did Phil Shaw listen to his neighbours when they told him that there was an easier way to complete menial household tasks, rather than combining them with life-threatening and risky sports to create Extreme Ironing? I don’t think so.

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