Date Night Chicken Confit with Mushroom Risotto and Truffle Oil

chicken confit

So you’ve swiped right on your Kindling App and met a special someone. You’ve been conversing for a while, and you’ve checked out her/his profile on the Twitbook and MyFace and maybe swapped a picture or two on Clicktalk. You’ve somehow convinced them that you’re not a psycho and you’ve even gone for coffee and a mug of ale. All has gone well, she/ he doesn’t mind your smell and hasn’t let on that you’ve worn your only good shirt out for your first two dates. You’ve convinced her that you’re a warlord in the kitchen and you’d like to cook her/him something spectacular for your third date, and then maybe watch ‘Apocalypse Now’, ‘The Deer Hunter’ or ‘Platoon’ on DVD. You’ve found that some words have come out of your mouth that don’t usually exist in your vocabulary like “Confit” and “Poulet” and you’ve boasted of exotic ingredients.

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