Mrs. Claus Ruin (Christmas Eggnog)

Christmas eggnog

Eggnog: that delicious Yule Tide beverage made of milk, eggs and spices, popularised in so many Christmas television specials and movies where the family’s outcast uncle has a bit too much “Christmas Spirit”. Scenes where grandmas ladle themselves multiple lugs of lush and creamy mugs of warmed and whisky drenched cheer, only to later chase the neighbour’s kids while wearing a mistletoe hat.

Would it surprise you then that eggnog itself has earnt itself a place in American Military infamy?

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Cherry Cocktail – Cherry Blueberry Liqueur

Cherry Cocktail

Our early ancestors had it tough; tracking, hunting and trapping animals, many of which were much bigger, stronger and toothier than ourselves. They could see us, hear us and smell us coming; were more agile, had sharp bits, and in return, wanted to eat us too. This practice, every so often, took it’s tole upon the tribe. Larger critters would sometimes object to being tonight’s dinner and could the tables on the would-be hunters like a fat kid with a Lazy-Susan at a Chinese buffet! Sometimes it was easier to go after slower, more sedentary, even stationary quarry.

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