Chickpea and Lamb Tagine with Saffron Pilaf

lamb tagine

North Africa, there are fewer places on the planet with more history. It is home to Rome’s greatest rival, The Empire of Carthage. The Empire’s greatest hero Hannibal, the general not the cannibal, marched his army of Phoenician Regular Troops, and European Mercenaries and elephants across the Alps to attack the Latin capital. Sure, it didn’t work well, the Romans eventually defeated them, razed Carthage and salted the earth so that nothing would ever grow again, but I say it just adds more seasoning to their dishes.

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Kilted Root Vegetable and Bacon Soup with Lentils and Barley

vegetable and bacon soup

Scotland! A nation where the men are hard and the women are harder. Where the national dress for men is literally a dress, but are immune from being mocked to their face, owing to the large knife worn in their sock below their pleated tartan skirt. No, this is not a nation of hairy netballers, but a country of warriors, of kings and queens vying for power and control of the British Isles. Unfortunately for them, many of these kings and queens lost their heads for their effort. 

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Friday Night Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo

A shared meal is something every barbarian loves! You’ve just returned home from raiding your neighbours from across the sea and have returned bountiful to replenish your larder with rare game, spices and exotic liquors. Fresh green, red and yellow vegetables, which have stayed crisp in the hull of your longboat, crunchy to the bite and exploding with juiciness. You have oils for cooking the most elegant of dishes with some left over for massaging the swollen belly of your spouse who is carrying your growing man-child; your barbaric legacy. 

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Flaked Salmon Pasta Recipe

salmon pasta recipe

You have dinner planned; the table is set, your candles are ready to be lit. You have a lovely surprise for your beautiful and yet, heavily pregnant partner, who has returned home from work wearied by the toil of industry and exhausted by the travail of carrying your still forming man-child in her womb. You tell her to relax and put her feet up and you slip in a DVD of her favourite girly television show. You turn and enter the kitchen where you have carefully laid out your kitchen knives, cutting board and utensils, all while listening to Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda gossiping over Samantha’s newest conquest. 

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Breakfast for Dinner – Bacon Pancakes

Bacon pancakes

When I was an adolescent I was told that those years would be the best years of my life. Teachers, my parents and old ladies at bus stops would say,

“Enjoy your life while you can, before you have responsibility and other obligations!

Clearly these people forgot the rigors of puberty; the acne, growing pains, mood swings, uncontrollable erections, unusually long showers, dealing with social cliques and most of all, being told what to do ALL THE TIME!

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Spag Bol

spag bol

I think it’s safe to say that I can walk into almost any man’s kitchen, open the pantry and find a half empty packet of dried pasta sitting skew if on the shelf, surrounded by commercial pasta sauce jars and dried parmesan cheese sachets, resembling a homeless man on a park bench with a missing shoe, encircled by a fort made of cardboard boxes, broken shopping bags and old crumpled newspapers. I then take a peek in the freezer and find an oversized package of freezer burnt vacuum sealed cow mince from previous months, forgotten about, but presumed to be still palatable if only microwave de-frosted and cooked for 15 minutes with a jar of tomato like splooge. 

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