Sweet and Salty Saturnalia Plum Sauce – great Christmas gift!

plum sauce

Christmas is near and as usual, I am broke; there are gifts to give, feasts to plan and a ton of booze that insists on being drunk. Who am I to deny the drink’s will! But after most of the gifts are bought and wrapped, placed under the Christmas tree I’ve usually missed a few people of interest that I love, but can’t afford to buy something super-duper fancy for but to whom I still want to send a token of my appreciation.

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Smoked and Blackened Barbecue Chicken with Slow Roast Sweet Potatoes

barbecue chicken

Fire is a wondrous chemical reaction that has literally shaped Homo Sapiens into what we are today. It gave us the ability to eat things that would normally be inedible and makes things that are edible even when raw more readably available to be digested. Take the potato for instance; this starchy tuber of the hemlock family will make you quite ill if was ingested raw, not to mention pathogenic bird meats that will down right kill you with Cinderella… sarsaparilla…I mean, salmonella.

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The Culinary Barbarian’s Sherry Chicken Pie

sherry chicken pie

Sherry; that fortified wine sipped by senior citizens in small stemmed glasses or guzzled from brown bags under bridges by varicose vagrants. Sherry is produced the world over, but only those wines that originate from the Cadiz province can take they name Sherry, all others must take the name Apera.

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Left Leaning Rocket and Almond Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Eggplant

pesto pasta

With the State election here in Queensland hanging in the balance and politicians vie for power, I found myself glued to the television. The experience is like watching grown men and women bicker like spoiled brats playing musical chairs; two kids fight for the final chair and the one on the blue party hat is refusing to concede,  even though he’s actually only squatting on the arm rest.

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Port Wine Chicken Stroganoff Recipe

chicken stroganoff recipe

Words shouldn’t be difficult. Even a child can do it. Some people are great orators and can speak extemporaneously and about any subject. Other people have a more limited vocabulary, but can still speak at lengths about subjects they are familiar with. Talking is one of the easiest things in the world and yet, on occasion, this Barbarian can stumble and stammer or not think of the word for that skirt thingy you put on your clothes to stop getting stuff on them in that place you do the cooking. 

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“Pulled Pork Pie with Pureed Peas” or “Alliteration Pie”

pulled pork pie

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers and Betty Botter bought some butter, but it made her batter bitter, but Betty Botter was a bitter batter baker, and Peter Piper, a forgetful forager and truly neither were triumphant at their traditional trades. Perhaps if Betty Botter and Peter Piper had pooled their possessions to better their baking, then their businesses would be booming. When baking with pickled and preserved produce what’s principle is a balance of sweet, savoury and spicy seasonings, cased in a cracking crispy, crumbly crust. 

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Oxymoronic Chocolate Stout Osso Bucco with Pearl Barley and Leeks

osso bucco

Once while absently attending the isles of my local liquor warehouse I purposely stumbled upon a glimmering black bottle. Apathetically intrigued as I vacantly viewed the description on the label which read “Double Chocolate Stout” I placed it into my basket with controlled abandon. I pondered in wondering certainty as to what I was to expect from the bottles contents; to me the sound of chocolate and beer were like chalk and cheese and yet if this brew could satiate my thirst it would be a minor miracle. 

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Mind Your Manners Moussaka


Greece. You couldn’t find a place in Europe with more history and culture. This is the birthplace of the founders of Western Civilisation. Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. A region of temples and architecture, mathematics and sciences. The Greeks taught the Mediterranean aristocracy; Greeks during the Roman Empire were the crème de la crème of tutors and were the architects of the libraries of Alexandria.

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Chickpea and Lamb Tagine with Saffron Pilaf

lamb tagine

North Africa, there are fewer places on the planet with more history. It is home to Rome’s greatest rival, The Empire of Carthage. The Empire’s greatest hero Hannibal, the general not the cannibal, marched his army of Phoenician Regular Troops, and European Mercenaries and elephants across the Alps to attack the Latin capital. Sure, it didn’t work well, the Romans eventually defeated them, razed Carthage and salted the earth so that nothing would ever grow again, but I say it just adds more seasoning to their dishes.

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