Chickpea and Lamb Tagine with Saffron Pilaf

lamb tagine

North Africa, there are fewer places on the planet with more history. It is home to Rome’s greatest rival, The Empire of Carthage. The Empire’s greatest hero Hannibal, the general not the cannibal, marched his army of Phoenician Regular Troops, and European Mercenaries and elephants across the Alps to attack the Latin capital. Sure, it didn’t work well, the Romans eventually defeated them, razed Carthage and salted the earth so that nothing would ever grow again, but I say it just adds more seasoning to their dishes.

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Spice Up Your Meal with a Homemade Hot Sauce Injection

homemade hot sauce

Nothing gets the heart pumping, the skin flushing, the pupils dilating and rivulets of perspiration beading down a brow quite like my favourite of spices, the chilli. It can liven up any dish; pizza and pasta, soups and salads, curries, casseroles and even cocktails, enhancing the flavours and giving a zing to the senses. We Barbarians understand that chillies are not for everyone’s pallet just as not everyone can grow a beard, or chest hair. What I’m actually saying is, if you don’t like chillies… You aren’t really a man! And this is fine; but you’re probably more comfortable sipping a shandy with our country’s Minister for Women. For those that prefer to douse their diet with a seasoning of spice… read on.

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Friday Night Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo

A shared meal is something every barbarian loves! You’ve just returned home from raiding your neighbours from across the sea and have returned bountiful to replenish your larder with rare game, spices and exotic liquors. Fresh green, red and yellow vegetables, which have stayed crisp in the hull of your longboat, crunchy to the bite and exploding with juiciness. You have oils for cooking the most elegant of dishes with some left over for massaging the swollen belly of your spouse who is carrying your growing man-child; your barbaric legacy. 

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East and West Fusion Hot Wings

Hot wings

Sometimes a barbarian can be spoiled for choice; do we raid to the West or to the East? We love the delectable sweet and savoury titbits from the Americas, dripping with grease, but we also have a craving for the spicy, aromatic temptations of the Orient, brimming with fire! To the Wild West of the US, we’ll have to deal with cowboys and gun slingers and to the Far East to Thailand, we’ll confront Muay Thai Boxers, fighting on the backs of elephants. Either way, this barbarian really wants to get his hands dirty, elbow deep in mess. No time for blades or irons.

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Tippled Cow Beef Tacos in Tequila and Lime

Beef Tacos

A stiff drink and a steak; is this not the recipe to win the heart of any warrior? What if this warrior was not one barbarian, but a whole hoard of warriors? What if the libations laid out before the approaching army as tribute were drank by the sacrificial beast? Well after a quick drive to the local to get more booze, you should be sure to slaughter said beast and give these Marauders the best of both worlds… Boozy Beef Tacos!

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Barbecue Ribs – Cheater’s Bourbon Brined Pork Ribs

Barbecue Ribs

They say that cheaters never prosper, that slow and steady wins the race, that hard work and tenacity is the only way to succeed in life. History would disagree; trickery and deception will often beat perseverance, take the Greeks at Troy for instance. After sieging the city for 10 years they found that a hollow wooden horse and a little trickery will have you in the castle gates and killing people in their beds, rather than facing their army head on. Sun Tzu even stated, and I paraphrase, that all war is about deception.

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