Sweet and Salty Saturnalia Plum Sauce – great Christmas gift!

plum sauce

Christmas is near and as usual, I am broke; there are gifts to give, feasts to plan and a ton of booze that insists on being drunk. Who am I to deny the drink’s will! But after most of the gifts are bought and wrapped, placed under the Christmas tree I’ve usually missed a few people of interest that I love, but can’t afford to buy something super-duper fancy for but to whom I still want to send a token of my appreciation.

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Mrs. Claus Ruin (Christmas Eggnog)

Christmas eggnog

Eggnog: that delicious Yule Tide beverage made of milk, eggs and spices, popularised in so many Christmas television specials and movies where the family’s outcast uncle has a bit too much “Christmas Spirit”. Scenes where grandmas ladle themselves multiple lugs of lush and creamy mugs of warmed and whisky drenched cheer, only to later chase the neighbour’s kids while wearing a mistletoe hat.

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Christmas Leftover Pie

christmas leftovers

You’ve eaten, you’ve drank and been merry. Your pants no longer fit, but that’s ok as you the shorts you received from Santa are elasticated and have an extra-long draw string. You’ve managed to survive the visiting extended family with the aid of gallons of wine and ale, and nursed the subsequent hangover with a past its prime roasted potato or two or hastily torn off chunks of ham from a vinegary damp sack in the fridge.

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